unapologetically whole istic 

I've always felt different than my peer

health practitioners...

Towards the beginning of my career,  I wondered why I was so uncomfortable working in the clinical scene, such as hospitals and nursing homes that I was assigned to during my dietetic internship. I started to notice how diseases were merely being managed, or "masked", for that matter. Why aren't we treating the root cause of disease and teaching patients how to actually reverse the damage done to their bodies?

Now, I was curious.. 

Why was I assigning diets to hospitalized patients that consisted of highly processed, inflammatory foods that are completely void of any real nutrients? (Queue: red jello cups)

Why am I counseling a diabetic who was diagnosed 12 years ago, but was never taught to properly control blood sugar with the right foods, rather than insulin and medications?

Why is this our healthcare system?

Why are we  told one minute to 'treat ourself' and the next minute we are targeted with sponsored ads for detox teas, fat burning pills and waist trainers?

Why has my client suffered from IBS symptoms for 8 years, spent thousands of dollars on GI visits, colonoscopies and endoscopies, only to be told "everything seems fine.."  

Why are we taught to treat symptoms individually when the entire body is interconnected?

These questions, along with several others, helped me to realize that I'm not here to support our corrupt healthcare system or weight-loss industry.

YOU are your own best doctor, healer, and medicine

a look into my health journey..

Before all of my experiences that led me to my own awakening, I had no idea just how powerful the connection between the mind, body and spirit is. 

Because of this feeling of disconnection between my physical self and mental self,

my health, in all aspects, was suffering.

I hated my job. Because of my lack of passion for life, I couldn't concentrate, feel focused or motivated. So of course medications for anxiety, depression, and ADHD were prescribed to me. Side effects started to show themselves - irregular sleep patterns, digestive issues, chronic heart burn, brain fog and fatigue were a part of daily life. Then comes the prescriptions for anti-acids, sleeping pills and laxatives.

And just like you, I accepted this.. because.. well, why would my doctors do me wrong?

*insert dramatic eye roll*

Wake up. Pop handful of meds. Coffee with sugar. Drive to job I hate. Crave more sugar. 10 am Crash. Feel irritable. Processed foods for lunch. Feel tired after lunch. More stimulants. Get home, feel too tired to exercise. Processed foods for dinner. Take sleeping pills for bed. 

What a way to live life- am I right?!

My intuition screamed at me every single day that this is not right. Why am I treating conditions with medications that are only MASKING some symptoms and CREATING others?  Why the hell is this so backwards? Can't I just figure out the ROOT CAUSE of these problems and FIX the origin of this all?

One day after almost a whole year of this, I woke the f*ck up!

I simply decided NO MORE.

I started to do my research and was amazed with how the symptoms of weight gain, chronic fatigue, depression, and constant sugar cravings are all interconnected. I found out that most of our health problems are cultivated in the GI tract.

Hm.. why have I never heard this before after all of my schooling, internships and training? 

At this time, "leaky gut syndrome" was new and extremely controversial. The depression and anxiety were due to a lack of serotonin production in my GI tract from an imbalanced microbiome, my chronic fatigue was created from my dependency on stimulants and addiction to sugar, and my digestive issues were from years of inflammation from eating things like maple flavored oatmeal for breakfast, which I assumed was healthy at the time. 

*insert an even more dramatic eye roll*

My own story gave me the ability to truly understand what the majority of America is experiencing. The frustration of a viscous, disease-filled cycle.

We don't need more prescriptions and medications to 'treat' symptoms.

We need to learn how to fix the root causes of all of the symptoms, as they almost always are interconnected.

We need to SELF HEAL.


processed foods

sugar addiction

cardio 6 days/week

"calories in-calories out" mindset

130 lbs


high carb intake

gym 4 days/week (no set routine)

depressed & anxious

150 lbs



macro counting

 weight training 6 days/week

restrictive mindset

110 lbs


relaxed, balanced 

whole-foods diet

 HIIT & strength training

4-5 days/week 

intuitive mindset

120 lbs