Are you tired of your digestive issues tagging along, uninvited? 

It's time to live your best life...

without IBS 

This guide is for you if..

  • you've been suffering from chronic bloating, abdominal pain & cramping or irregular digestion

  • you've been to countless doctors or even GI experts only to have been told that "everything seems fine.."

  • you have tried a variety of different diets and/or supplements but found no relief, and possibly even made your symptoms worse..

  • you feel frustrated and discouraged from wasting money, time and efforts to just help yourself simply feel better and healthy - something that everyone deserves!

what you get

detox &

 meal guidelines


daily tips

for immediate relief


natural supplement recommendations

& discounts

here's why you can trust my program

 Thank god I found you when I did. The GI team I saw told me that if I hadn't gotten the inflammation under control, I would have had to start enzyme replacement therapy.  The cost is over $7,000 a month! I was quite surprised by this. 


I'm so grateful that I started to follow the detox plan you suggested to me.  I have not had sugar in my tea or coffee since the day we met a year ago and I am still taking the digestive enzymes and probiotics that you recommended. I can't imagine how much worse my situation would have been if I hadn't made these changes.


Again thank you for your expertise in diagnosising my GI problems.  Your guidance really help me in understand my symptoms and get control over the entire situation- and saved me $7k a month!!!

- Jonna D.

I have suffered with IBS for over a decade and after working with Marissa for only 2 months, my digestive system and my life has radically changed for the better.

No longer having the IBS sword hang over my head day in and day out has taken my daily level of anxiety and worry WAY DOWN. I don’t have to fear every bite that I eat and worry about the potential consequences of each meal.  I don’t have to plan my life around what I eat, when I eat it, and the relief and freedom that I feel every day is unrivaled. 


And believe me in the past decade I have read every IBS book, tried every remedy, had countless medical tests and procedures, and subtracted more and more from my diet.  I just wish I had met Marissa and made these changes sooner! 

- Lauren H.

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