Are you tired of feeling.. well.. tired? 

How about the constant fatigue, regardless of how many hours you slept?

Or maybe you didn't sleep at all because of insomnia.

Or maybe you're noticing that you're less capable of controlling your

moods throughout the day- bouncing back and forth between anxiety, depression and lack of motivation.. 



Learn how to support your body's natural ability to self-regulate utilizing natural supplements, such as aptogenic herbs, rather than overriding your system with synthetic chemicals that only cause even more of an imbalance 

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This guide is for you if..

  • you've been suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, lack of motivation, or even instability in your moods (feeling like you constantly fluctuate between anxiety, irritability and depression)

  • you've been to countless doctors or even experts only to have been told that "everything seems fine.."

  • you have tried a variety of different diets and/or supplements but found no relief, and possibly even made your symptoms worse..

  • you feel frustrated and discouraged from wasting money, time and efforts to just help yourself simply feel better and healthy - something that everyone deserves!

what's inside:

detox plan + meal guidelines to help take the guesswork out of how to eat to fuel yourself throughout the day and sustain healthy energy levels so that you can avoid feeling drained and increase your productivity

natural supplement recommendations

+discounts to help reset & balance your hormones that regulate sleep, mood, motivation and energy

daily tips & tricks on how to prioritize your day, remain focused on important tasks and how to avoid distractions 

rather than reaching for that third cup of coffee, download your free PDF guide instead!

It only takes a few seconds + you might even learn something ;)

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I am sleeping better and also not getting heartburn anymore. 

I’m feeling better in general and I even think my clothing is a bit looser already! 


I have my moments when I lapse back into an old eating habit, but with the with guidance that Marissa's program has given me I can get right back on track which is a big change for me.

-Katrina M.

I am really pleased with the outcome of the plan and happy that I made the decision to start. I have had the brain fog for a while now and did not know what was causing it. I guess I was quite determined to give this a try and honestly am amazed that just diet changes and the right supplementation can make such a huge difference. I don't know if it is the euphoria or for real but I am starting to feel much better on a daily basis. I do not wake up tired and don't get tired during the day any more.

That is a huge improvement in a very short period. I really appreciate your help and quite impressed with your knowledge!

- Amanda C.

I wanted to thank you for your program-  It has changed my life! Just from starting the detox and following the meal guidelines, I can already notice that I think clearer, have a lot less aches and pains, and am much more productive.
I am still a work in progress, but I'm already down 18 lbs and off all reflux medicine!

I look forward to continuing this program and I'm excited to see what's next.


-Karen B.