what some of my amazing clients have to say...

I have suffered with IBS for over a decade and after working with Marissa for 2 months my digestive system and my life has radically changed for the better.  Removing the foods that were promoting bad bacteria and inflammation and adding in good bacteria via probiotics has opened my world to eating foods I haven’t touched in 10 years out of sheer fear.  The number of foods I can eat vs. the ones I have had to cut out has been 110% worth it.  Funnily, I find myself completely turned off by foods I used to adore like potatoes, rice, and sugary things and enjoying things I never considered eating before like pickles, black coffee (gasp!), kefir, the list goes on.  It is like having all new taste buds and I’m really enjoying discovering what my new favorite foods are (definitely peanut butter). 


In addition, no longer having the IBS sword hang over my head day in and day out has taken my daily level of anxiety and worry WAY DOWN.  I don’t have to fear every bite that I eat and worry about the potential consequences of each meal.  I don’t have to plan my life around what I eat, when I eat it, and if I indulged in a food on the [FODMAP] “do not eat list” (like broccoli) knowing that I will be ill and incapacitated. 


The relief and freedom that I feel every day is unrivaled. 


And believe me in the past decade I have read every IBS book, tried every remedy, had countless medical tests and procedures, and subtracted more and more from my diet.  I just wish I had met Marissa and made these changes sooner! 

— Lauren H.